Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon


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Unveil a sense of refinement and elegance with each sip of Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon, the go-to post-game celebration drink for discerning golfers. Crafted through a masterful blend of bold 4-year bourbon and quaffable younger whiskeys, this Bourbon Whiskey is perfectly balanced, robust, and offers a taste that is definitely above par.

With notes of gently charred oak that complement the bourbon's vanilla undertones, each sip becomes a luxurious experience, like walking across a perfectly manicured fairway. The finish presents a dessert-like wash on the palate, akin to a sweet celebration after a victorious round.

Elevate your 19th hole gatherings and make a statement with the Burnside Oregon Oaked Bourbon, a drink that captures the essence of both the sport and its lifestyle.


Moderate woodiness with caramel undertones and orange citrus.

White oak, vanilla, citrus rind and stone fruit. Sugared toast and butterscotch mid-palate. On rocks, hints of dense vanilla and caramel.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.