Bubba's BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey

By Bubba's

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.

Exquisite and eccentric, Bubba's BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey is meticulously infused with the rich, sweet essence of caramelized sugar, promising an unparalleled flavor carnival at every gathering. Daring to defy the conventional, this fiery spirit can be enjoyed neat, delivering a taste sensation that's all its own.

Craving for a refreshing twist? Pair it with the effervescence of cola, the zesty burst of orange juice, or better yet, challenge your senses by mixing it with a zingy margarita mix for a tantalizing Key Lime Pie Martini. Your taste buds will rejoice in the whimsical harmony of flavors.

Unleash the party animal within you with Bubba's Secret Stills, and you'll be echoing our legion of satisfied customers, eagerly thanking us later. Pour yourself some Bubba's BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey - your ticket to a party experience unlike any other!

Create Your Own Cocktail

Bubba's Key Lime pie martini

Bubba's Key Lime pie martini

1 part Bubba's Burnt Sugar
1 part margarita mix

Mix, chill, & serve in a coupe glass. Rim with crushed graham crackers and a key lime slice if you're feeling fancy. Also works as a shooter!