Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney White Rum

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Blue Chair Bay White Rum: the perfect sea breeze for sipping and sanguining. From the shores of the Caribbean comes Blue Chair Bay, a premium white rum handcrafted from sugar cane that's fermented, distilled, and blended on site at our

Blue Chair Bay White Rum is the flagship rum of Blue Chair Bay, aged less than 100 feet from the high water line. There's something about the sunlight and the wind on the water that gets into the oak casks and into every drop of Blue Chair Bay.

Water white and crystal clear

Light, golden sugar and tropical fruits, followed by subtle spices and beach-aged hints of vanilla, r um cake and gentle oak

Fresh, smooth and clean

Classic light Caribbean rum with hints of golden sugar, tropical and dried fruits, mild spice, gentle vanilla and bread pudding

Warm, pleasant, refreshing with a delicate complex blend of classic rum

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.