Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Vanilla Rum

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The perfect sip of sunshine. Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Vanilla Rum combines the smoothness of a classic white rum with a sunny top note of sweet vanilla, creating an aromatic experience that transports you to the free spirit and joy of the islands.

Our Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Vanilla Rum is the perfect companion to a warm summer evening by the beach, or sipping cocktails with friends. Enjoy it on its own, in your favorite mixed drink, or as an ode to a favorite island locale. Though this spirit will whisk you away for a moment, we hope you'll think about Blue Chair Bay when you finish your glass!


Water white and crystal clear with a hint of pale natural golden vanilla

Sweet and creamy sun-baked vanilla meringue

Round and Smooth

Spiced and buttery natural vanillas combined with a blend of tropical fruits and golden cane

Warm and lingering creamy vanilla

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.