Basil Hayden Malted Rye Whiskey


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Basil Hayden Malted Rye Whiskey: A Sip of Timeless Elegance
Indulge in the distinguished flavors of Basil Hayden Malted Rye Whiskey, a spirit that embodies the rich heritage of whiskey craftsmanship. Meticulously distilled with premium malted rye and aged in charred oak barrels, this whiskey offers a captivating blend of smoky undertones and luxurious aroma.

With each sip, your taste buds are treated to a balanced medley of cinnamon, black pepper, and herbal notes, all underpinned by a rich, buttery malted rye backdrop.

The taste journey concludes with a lingering warmth, perfectly accented by an elegant finish of toasted oak and caramel.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.