AsomBroso Reposado Tequila


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Desire more than just tequila? AsomBroso Reposado offers an emotional journey, echoing the passionate care of its creation. Our tequila, lovingly crafted from the finest Blue Weber agave, is an homage to the ancestral grounds of Jalisco.

Feel the ardor of the artisans in the unique 9-month aging process, where the wood's warm, sugary whispers infuse every drop. Eros, our reposado, isn't just a spirit; it's a golden-hued story waiting to unfold on your palate. Revel in its sweet, intricate notes, whether in a serene solo sip, a companionable clink of ice, or the vivacious swirl of a cocktail.

Master Distiller Ricardo Gamarra managed the complete creation method of Eros. Presenting a matured and bolder expression with an extensive finish of French Oak, exotic spices, and a true agave sweetness that will make you crave another sip. Kosher Certified.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.