Absinthe Ordinaire

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There’s a reason why Absinthe Ordinaire is considered a legend. It was the precursor to the first absinthe recipe, and it’s still simple and traditional. The best way to enjoy this version is with a blend of 7 herbs and roots, including wormwood, fennel and anise. Infused with emerald-green oil, it’s reminiscent of one of the most successful absinthe recipes in Paris.

Dr. Ordinaire’s talents for apothecary and medicine yielded an elixir that may have been designed as a medicinal invention, but over time it became widely accepted as a recreational drink. Absinthe was produced in the Val de Travers region of Switzerland through 1965 when it was banned by Swiss law due to its high alcohol content, which at the time was too similar to other alcoholic beverages. La Boheme recreates this authentic experience with natural herbs, neutral spirit and sugar cubes.


Fresh melon rind, lemon supremes, aloe, dill, and spearmint.

Similar to aromas with notes of fennel and coriander seed.

Silky, bright, dryish light body with an interesting, easy finish displaying notes of fennel and coriander seed.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.