4 Copas Blanco Tequila

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By 4 Copas

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Discover the epitome of tequila perfection with 4 Copas Blanco. Meticulously crafted to celebrate its organic agave origins, it mirrors purity like no other. Without a trace of impurities and free from any additives, its distillation journey is one of unmatched authenticity.

For a heightened experience, serve it chilled at 16 degrees and watch it blossom in your glass, unlocking a cascade of vibrant fruit flavors. Each sip is not just a taste, but an intimate connection to its organic roots—a vivid reminder of the serene agave farms and the masterful distillation process. Revel in the untainted essence of tequila with 4 Copas Blanco.


Crystalline, silver color with light gray hues and heavy body.

The first impression is sweet and balanced. The aromas present are butter, intense cooked agave, mint, delicate vanilla and white chocolate. Notes of black pepper and citrus like grapefruit and lemon, fresh fruit like pear and peach are developed to achieve the style the Blanco.

Sweetness and silkiness to the palate. The personality is full body in mouth. Its prominent flavors are cooked agave, vanilla and white chocolate in the mouth. The finish is sweet.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.