Crown Royal Black Whisky

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It's hard to believe that we could make something this smooth even smoother, but we did! Crown Royal Black is a new level of smoothness and just the right amount of kick. With the rich flavor and texture of our traditional whisky infused with new bolder flavors, Crown Royal Black is crafted to deliver a new deep taste experience.

When you’re looking for a richer and darker flavor, try Crown Royal Black whisky. It’s smoothness is complimented by its oak background, with dark maple notes and hints of spice.

Why are you drinking that stuff when you could be sipping on a smooth blend of rich and bold flavor? Crown Royal Black Whisky, the newest addition to the Crown Royal family, offers a richer, sweeter taste that's perfect for whisky fans.


Rich oak with sweet maple notes.

Creamy, ‘velvety’, dried fruit notes (fig).

Deeper bourbon style notes and with an unmistakable Crown Royal finish.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.