Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Holiday Edition Whiskey


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Introducing the Leopold Bros Three Chamber Rye Holiday Edition 2022 Release. This one of a kind whiskey is true to its name, product of a monumental feat: recreating an ancient tradition of American rye whiskey and sealing it in small batches.

For over a hundred years, American rye whiskey was commonly produced in what was called a Three Chamber Still to extract not only distillate, but also oils and aromas hidden in the grains. This unique whiskey has been resurrected by Leopold Bros. through painstaking research to re-engineer an authentic American Rye Whiskey from a long lost tradition.


Peaches, lavender, honey, plums, pears, and candied fruit

Light fruits, chamomile, cocoa, honey, maple syrup, and vanilla

Lavender, cocoa nibs, figs, honey, and pear syrup

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.