Espolon Reposado Tequila

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By Espolon

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Aged three months in new, American oak barrels, El Espolón Reposado Tequila has a golden yellow color and an agave-forward aroma. It is enjoyed neat or as the base for great cocktails.

Espolón Reposado is a premium tequila produced according to a traditional process in 400-liter copper and stainless steel vats. Through the controlled pot-distillation method, Espolón retains more of the natural flavors, aroma and texture of the agave plant. From the addition of pure spring water to the final distillate, a slow, cool filtration, wood maturation and bottling in glass, Espolón is an expression of Mexico's rich heritage with an exquisite taste unique to its region.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.