Sugarlands Cinnamon Moonshine

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Tickle's Sugarlands Cinnamon is a Candied Cinnamon flavor moonshine with a very spicy finish. The perfect option for those looking for a shot that has some oomph!

When you're looking for a little kick from your cocktail, Sugarlands Cinnamon Moonshine is THE cinnamon whiskey. It makes a great spicy shot, a spicy Manhattan, a spicy White Russian, and a nice spicy Waldorf. The sky's the limit when you add a few shots of Sugarlands to your cupboard!

Dynamite Cinnamon pairs well with vanilla, gala apples, chocolate, ginger, and peach.
Pour a glass to accompany your meal when it consists of gamey meat, pork or yams.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.