Drambuie Liqueur

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Drambuie is a colorful celebration of romance, crafted from the secret recipe passed down the MacKinnon family and matured in oak barrels. There's a lot to celebrate: it is made from the finest Scotch whiskies and pure Scottish heather honey; and has over 40 herbs, spices and botanicals which are combined with incredible care to create its unique flavor.

The liqueur originally sold in the early 20th century was made with Scotch whisky and honey, like the original medicine created by Jamie MacKinnon in 1745 to treat a local clan's King for gout. Also known as 'The Prince of Liqueurs', this rare blend has hinted at the delicious taste of heather honey and spiced honeycomb since then.

Drambuie is a whisky liqueur. A blend of aged Scotch whisky, spices, herbs & heather honey. Its origins can be traced to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th Century. The name Drambuie is derived from Scots Gaelic ‘An Dram Buidheach’ and means “The Drink that Satisfies”.


Scotch whisky liqueur infused with a secret blend of heather honey and aromatic herbs and spices.

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20ml Drambuie
40ml Scotch Whisky

Pour both ingredients over crystal clear ice and stir long enough to chill and dilute to taste. Garnish with a fresh lemon zest.