Chivas Royal Salute Amarone Cask 26 Year Old Whisky

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Immerse yourself in the refined luxury of Chivas Royal Salute Amarone Cask 26 Year Old Scotch Whisky, an exquisite offering that melds the storied craftsmanship of Scotch whisky with the distinguished flair of Italian Amarone wine casks. This limited edition release is a testament to the pioneering spirit of Chivas, celebrating over a quarter-century of aging with a unique cask finish that enriches the whisky’s profile with unparalleled depth and complexity.

The amber liquid captivates with an alluring glow, hinting at the richness within. As you pour, a bouquet of aromas escapes: vibrant notes of red berries and figs combine with the subtle warmth of oak, enveloping the senses in anticipation. The first sip unveils a velvety texture, where the richness of dried fruits and a hint of nutmeg dance on the palate, balanced by a whisper of peppery spices.

This Scotch whisky’s journey through Amarone wine casks imparts distinctive layers of dark chocolate and a refined earthiness, culminating in a robust yet elegant finish. Every mouthful resonates with a harmony of flavors, lingering long after the last drop, leaving a trail of oaky vanilla and a touch of sweet tobacco.

Chivas Royal Salute Amarone Cask 26 Year Old is not merely a drink but a celebration of excellence and innovation. It is an ideal choice for the discerning whisky lover looking to indulge in a sophisticated, memorable dram that beautifully bridges the worlds of Scotch whisky and fine Italian wine.


Aromas of rich plums, Seville orange zest, fresh raspberries, cherry tart, chocolate orange with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger spice.

Juicy red apples, dark cherries, homemade apricot jam, wild redcurrants, panettone cake, dark chocolate compote and clove-ginger.

Rich and spicy with enduring complexity.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.