Rabbit Hole Amburana Founder's Collection Bourbon

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Explore the distinct taste of Rabbit Hole Amburana Founder's Collection Bourbon. This exclusive bourbon combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative aging in Amburana wood, offering a unique, spicy, and sweet flavor profile. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking a new bourbon experience.

Rabbit Hole Amburana Founder's Collection Bourbon stands as a testament to innovation in bourbon crafting. This exclusive release from Rabbit Hole distills the essence of creativity and traditional expertise into every bottle.

As you pour this bourbon, you're greeted by its vibrant, deep amber hue, a prelude to the unique tasting experience ahead. Crafted with the finest ingredients and aged in rare Amburana wood, this bourbon offers a flavor profile that's both unconventional and captivating.

Each sip reveals a harmonious blend of warm, spicy notes intertwined with a sweet, almost tropical essence, a delightful consequence of the Amburana wood's influence. The result is a bourbon that's both bold and smooth, with a complexity that invites exploration.


Golden amber color highlights Amburana's strong character while fragrances of vanilla, toasted walnut, caramel, and cherry, raise expectations. Complemented by a palate of ginger snaps, stone fruit, cinnamon, mint, caramelized sugar and wine, before finishing with a leather-earthy hint of nutmeg, baking spice and tobacco leaf.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.