Blackened x Rabbit Hole Whiskey

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Discover the otherworldly fusion of two distinct whiskeys in Blackened x Rabbit Hole, where the celestial dance of flavors defies all norms.

Picture a cosmic ballet, where the sun and moon come together in a rare celestial dance. Now, imagine capturing that once-in-a-lifetime event in a bottle. Welcome to the world of Blackened x Rabbit Hole Whiskey, a blend so innovative, it's like watching day meet night in an ethereal fusion.

Here, the dark, edgy character of Blackened Whiskey melds seamlessly with the refined, elegant notes of Rabbit Hole. It's an unpredictable yet perfectly balanced blend that defies all you know about traditional whiskey. The unique interaction between these two distinct profiles creates a flavor that’s both groundbreaking and completely out of this world.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.