Glenfiddich 15 Year Scotch Single Malt

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Glenfiddich Solera Reserve Scotch whisky is a warm and spicy single malt matured for 15 years in bourbon and new oak casks. The balanced notes of ripe fruit, caramel, ginger bread and butterscotch are complemented by hints of autumn sunshine, tropical fruit and sweet honey.

Glenfiddich Single Malt 15 Year Scotch is an award-winning single malt matured in three different types of cask – bourbon, new oak and sherry. It’s then allowed to mature in a unique way that gives the whisky hints of spice and dried fruit, developing honey sweetness with malty depth, and a soft and smooth finish.


An intriguingly complex aroma. Sweet heather honey and vanilla fudge combined with rich dark fruits.

Silky smooth, revealing layers of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. Full-bodied and bursting with flavor.

Satisfyingly rich with lingering sweetness

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.