Oban 14 Years Scotch Whisky

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By Oban

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Structured by the sea, windswept, and alive with rugged charm, Oban draws its character from the surrounding landscape. --- OBAN 14 Years Old has amber gold color with an aroma of soft vanilla, orange zest, coffee beans, and peat smoke. On the palate, this extra-matured scotch is concentrated with notes of orange zest, honey and black pepper with nuances of cinnamon and smoke. Finishes with good length and strength.

Featuring a full bodied flavour with notes of orange peel, smoke, sea salt and honey. A smooth highland single malt Scotch whisky.

This is a fairly smoky and salty Oban. You can smell the honey and orange peels in it. It has a sweet woody taste that also brings to mind pine and greenery. The finish is quite spicy and lingers for a while.


Dried fig, spice, and a smoked malt dryness.

Fresh oranges, lemons, and pears, with a hint of salt and peat.

Long, smooth, and oaky sweet with a grain of salt.


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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.