Red Bank Whisky by Kiefer Sutherland


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Embark on a Whisky Journey with Red Bank, the Artisanal Creation by Kiefer Sutherland. Crafted on the rugged shores of Nova Scotia, this exquisite whisky captivates the senses with its authentic and distinct character.

Savor the flavors that pay homage to the coastal terroir of Nova Scotia. Red Bank Whisky is meticulously hand-crafted using only the purest Canadian ingredients, resulting in a whisky that showcases the essence of its origin.

Indulge in the suave and sophisticated notes that unfold with every sip. From the rich and smooth textures to the nuanced hints of the sea, Red Bank Whisky offers a truly unique and captivating drinking experience.

Experience the passion and artistry of Kiefer Sutherland in every bottle of Red Bank Whisky. It is a testament to the dedication and attention to detail that goes into creating a whisky of exceptional quality.