Clement Rhum VSOP

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By Clement

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We've got a little secret to share with you.

You're going to find this hard to believe, but… Clement Rhum VSOP is the best rhum agricole you'll never taste.

It's not that it doesn't taste amazing—it does. It's just that if you happen to be in Martinique and stop by the distillery where it's made, there's no way you'll ever actually make it home with any of it for yourself. That's because you'll be too busy handing out tiny cups of it to everyone from your Uber driver to the old lady selling fruit on the side of the road. And then, when you finally have a chance to take a sip for yourself, you'll be so exhausted from sharing that you won't really have time for all that tasting anyway.

The point is: Clement Rhum VSOP tastes great, and all your friends are going to love it too!
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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.