Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Mango Rum Cream

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Summer never tasted so sweet! Blue Chair Bay Mango Rum Cream is a smooth blend of tropical mango, coconut, peach and lime flavors combined with real cream. It's great over the rocks, laid back in lemonade or topped with whipped cream for a new kind of banana split!

Smell the fresh beach air. The tangy smell of ripe mango greets you from the start, with warm winds and refreshing breezes of peach and lime hitting your nose next. Feel the weight of an ice-cold glass in your hand. Swirl the drinks around, and look down to watch a creamy foam form at the peaks of each wave. Take that first sip, and feel free to slip into vacation mode – you've officially arrived at Blue Chair Bay.


Off white, warm cream

A cacophony of fresh crushed fruit

Full-bodied with a luscious, creamy mouth feel

Rich and complex with juicy nuances of mango, peaches, coconut and lime.

Tropical with a warm rum finish

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.