Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Banana Rum

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Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Banana Rum The classic Banana daiquiri just got an upgrade, and new cocktails like the PB&B, Grilled Banana Punch and Bananas Fostertini are a whole new way to experience the islands anytime,

When the beach and the bar meet, the Blue Chair Bay Kenny Chesney Banana Rum is there for you. We took our classic beach made white rum and added caramelized banana with a hint of spice and toasted coconut, then brought it to life with Kenny himself. Get it while you can—the word’s getting out, quick!

Water white and crystal clear

Vanilla, caramel and butter rum notes infused with perfectly sun-ripened banana, featuring hints of roasted granola and toasted coconut

Creamy banana smooth with notes of warm baking spices

Sun-ripened banana with hints of granola, caramel, butter rum and vanilla with toasted coconut and tropical dried citrus fruits

Warm, caramelized banana with notes of classic white rum

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.