Baileys Chocolate Liqueur

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Discover the divine taste of Baileys Chocolate Liqueur, a harmonious blend of Irish whiskey, rich cream, and luxuriously smooth chocolate that's perfect for any occasion.

Experience the enticing indulgence of Baileys Chocolate Liqueur, where premium quality meets sensational flavor. Our lush, velvety liqueur is a decadent fusion of high-quality Irish whiskey, rich cream, and the finest cocoa – the ultimate treat for your senses.

Our Baileys Chocolate Liqueur is a chocolate lover's dream. Delve into the deep, cocoa-infused taste that takes center stage, perfectly balanced with the warming tones of our carefully-selected Irish whiskey. The luscious cream adds a beautifully smooth finish, enveloping your palate in an irresistible, velvety bliss.

Shake, pour, and enjoy in a chocolate martini, neat or over a decadent dessert for a deliciously indulgent treat

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.