Adictivo Extra Anejo 14 Year Double Black Tequila

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Experience the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship with Adictivo 14 Years Extra Rare Double Black Extra Anejo Tequila Kings Edition. Made from 100% pure Blue Agave and aged for 14 years, this exceptional tequila is finished in Sherry Casks, resulting in a deep, reddish hue and strong wood notes. Indulge in the rich and complex flavors of this exquisite blend, crafted to perfection for the most discerning tequila connoisseurs.

Complex aroma of this tequila, with strong wood and vanilla notes that perfectly complement the smooth hints of fruit. Adictivo Extra Anejo 14 Year Double Black Tequila has a full and rich flavor profile, making it a top-tier spirit for sipping or mixing in your favorite cocktails.

This tequila is the product of over 20 years of hard work, from the planting of the agave to its maturity, and finally, 14 years of rest in barrels. Tequila Adictivo is founded by Gildardo Partida, a passionate tequila maker, and grandson and son of tequileros, proud of their roots and the legacy his family has left him, which has been dedicated for over 100 years.

At Craft Spirit Shop, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the best spirits available, and Adictivo Extra Anejo 14 Year Double Black Tequila is no exception. Treat yourself to this exceptional tequila and experience the unparalleled taste and complexity that has made it one of the most sought-after spirits in the world. Order now and elevate your tequila-drinking experience.

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