Crown Royal 18 Year Extra Rare Whisky

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Intense and exciting, our Crown Royal 18 Year Extra Rare Whisky is the crown jewel of some of our rarest stocks. We’ve matured this elegant amber whisky in barrels which previously held American Oak to give it lush layers of intensity that are both surprising and delightful. A first sip offers enticing notes of vanilla and stone fruit on the nose, followed by hints of caramel spice. Then, in the mouth this spirit has a velvety body of light oak tamed with a dash of caramel spice.

Open your door to the world of whisky with the smooth, luxurious taste of Crown Royal Aged 18 Years. This rare blend of three whiskies handcrafted by our master blender and aged for at least 18 years in oak barrels delivers a distinct and satisfying taste that you won't find in any other whisky.

You’ll find delicate notes of nougat lingering in the full-bodied finish, so sip slowly to savor every drop of this remarkable spirit.

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Create Your Own Cocktail



Crown Royal Aged 18 Years is also delicious when served in a cocktail that compliments its suite of flavors. Perfect for entertaining and sharing with exceptional company.

1.5 oz Crown Royal Aged 18 Years
1 Sugar Cube
2 dashes chocolate bitters
Few dashes plain water
Orange slices (drizzled with chocolate)s
Amarena or Luxardo cherries (optional)
Place sugar cube in an old fashioned glass and saturate with bitters then add a dash of plain water
Muddle ingredients until sugar is dissolved
Fill the glass with a single large ice cube, add Crown Royal Aged 18 Years, and stir
Garnish with chocolate drizzled orange slice and cherries (optional)