Calumet Farm 15 Year Bourbon

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By Calumet

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Enough with the mash! Undiluted, unfiltered and uncut, 15 Year Single Rack Black Kentucky-only Bourbon is the pinnacle of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family. It offers all the characteristics that whiskies of its kind are known for: intense vanilla, butterscotch and mint, coupled with oak and dark chocolate notes. The flavors and aromas come together to create one of the deepest bourbons on the market today.

Only the top tier of barrels are used for this highly-rated bourbon. Aging takes place on slowly rotating, center-cut racks that allow for a thorough extraction of flavor from the wood and maximize wood contact with the bourbon as it seasons.


Deep amber throughout with shimmering highlights of copper and sun-yellow

Upon Uncorking: notes of oak and wood char are notable. After Breathing: complex scents of dark fruit and sweet corn

Bold flavors of oak, aged spice and toasted grains are present while toffee and a subtle smoky-sweetness roll across the palate

A lingering finish mellows, leaving sweet tobacco and rye flavors with a slightly dry mouth feel

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.